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   7.  What’s the benefit of no credit check cash advance loans?
   8.  How to find the best online money loan companies
   9.  What is the best short term loan company?
   10.  How to find low interest rate payday loans online
   11.  Are payday loans a good idea?
   12.  How to find the best short term lenders
   13.  Tips to save money and avoid taking out payday loans
   14.  The benefits of getting a loan through a credit union
   15.  How serious a problem is payday loan related debt in the UK?
   16.  How to avoid crushing levels of debt in the current economy
   17.  You should always weigh your options before taking out loans
   18.  Don’t fall into the debt trap this festive season
   19.  Why you shouldn’t rely on ‘no credit check’ instant cash loans
   20.  How to avoid debt during the festive season
   21.  How to save money in a struggling economy
   22.  Why you should give a 60-day loan a wide berth
   23.  Celebrating the New Year with a payday loan is a bad idea
   24.  How to turn a lacklustre Christmas into a money-saving opportunity
   25.  Is there ever a good time to take out payday lending?
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   1.  Brits cannot escape payday lending debt
   2.  Borrowers lose their minds, credit unions try to help
   3.  Payday lending industry wins and loses
   4.  Lenders whinge while regulators give in to market pressure
   5.  Even Google can’t rein in payday lenders
   6.  Payday complaints up, yet some firms still encourage lending
   7.  The OFT just can’t seem to get any credit for its actions
   8.  Lenders take remedial action as tenants twist in the wind
   9.  The Government finally starts regulating payday lenders
   10.  Debt charities big and small voicing concern about payday lending
   11.  It’s not just the UK that has payday lender headaches
   12.  Debt charity calls for blood while students suffer
   13.  The Rise of Payday Loans – Some Payday Loan Statistics
   14.  Lenders criticised for targeting students for payday loans
   15.  Social housing provider takes aim at payday lenders
   16.  CAB office sees worrying number of serious payday debt cases
   17.  Sick dad gets harassed by payday lender whilst in hospital
   18.  Famous ex-bankrupt now selling payday loans on television
   19.  Shelter Scotland says payday lending causing serious harm
   20.  MoD accused of selling out its own cash-strapped soldiers
   21.  Scottish councils urged to ban lender adverts on websites
   22.  CAB announce new figures, reveal worrying trend
   23.  Party may be over for predatory lenders from 2014
   24.  New financial regulator given broad interest rate powers
   25.  OFT announces spot inspections of 50 short term lenders
   26.  FOS warns overdrafts might be better for the cash-strapped
   27.  New lending figures paint bleak picture of borrowers
   28.  No surprises here: FOS predicts more lending complaints
   29.  Cap interest rates now, demands Labour of the Government
   30.  Don’t look now, but things are getting much worse
   31.  Wonga unites north-east: firm is now universally loathed
   32.  Lending chief defends industry – figures tell different tale
   33.  Even payday lenders themselves think they’re being unfair
   34.  With workers suffering, government poised to take action
   35.  Payday lending activity up, lenders spin fraud accusations
   36.  Brits going hungry from paying interest interest on loans
   37.  No matter where you live, payday lending is taking its toll
   38.  Scots drowning in payday loan debt, debt charities warn
   39.  Look out, home buyers – Wonga’s coming for your money
   40.  Local authority blocks new payday lending shop from opening
   41.  Lender gets shut down by OFT – but can still lend?
   42.  Are there any options when it comes to short term loans?
   43.  Medway Council moves to block new payday loan shops
   44.  ‘Not a legalised loan shark,’ says Wonga founder
   45.  Has payday lending become the lesser of two evils?
   46.  Lenders launch new customer charter to help set standards
   47.  CCCS warns high number of unemployed struggling with debt
   48.  Most high street lenders sympathetic to payday lending
   49.  Lenders adopting ‘ethical’ approaches to short term loans
   50.  Lender gets clean bill of health from ASA despite complaints
   51.  Traditional lenders: proving to be a bunch of prats yet once more
   52.  Know what you’re in for if you take out a short term loan
   53.  Neither a borrower nor a lender be? Not in this economy
   54.  You’re not the only one who needs a bit of extra cash
   55.  Avoid the debt disease: don’t rely on unscrupulous lenders
   56.  Wonga adverts dropped from Premier and Football League clubs
   57.  More Brits slip towards financial crisis, new research says
   58.  Don’t get trapped by debt – practice responsible borrowing
   59.  So what happens if you don’t repay a payday loan?

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