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Obtaining short term credit in today’s tough economic climate can be a real challenge.

Banks have tightened their lending criteria so only the ‘A rated customers’ can borrow money. Cheap credit cards and overdrafts are also a thing of the past.

Our business has been setup to locate you a payday loan quickly and with minimal fuss. The Payday Pete panel of trusted 3rd party lenders and brokers can let you borrow anything up to £1,000 and have the money in your account in the next 15 minutes *.

There’s no setup fees and no nasty surprises. The application process takes just 3 minutes and is often carried out entirely online.

To see if you qualify for an instant cash loan, head on over to our online application form, fill out your details and we’ll have an answer for you in next to no time.

The Payday Pete Team

* On occasions, it can take up to 3 business days for you to receive the money, depending on how quickly your bank clears the funds.

Important Legal Notice

Payday Pete is not a direct lender and has no control over the services provided by our panel of payday lenders and brokers. We therefore cannot, and do not offer any endorsement whatsoever, nor do we act as an agent or representative of either lender, broker, or end customer.

Please also be aware that whilst we endeavour to keep this service 100% free of charge to our valued users, both now and in the future, we do receive commission payments from 3rd party lenders and brokers. These commissions fall due if a customer, after being referred by this website, subsequently enters into a consumer credit agreement with either payday lender or broker.